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What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is an integral part of the design process, which the designers can use to illustrate ideas to images and videos that are easy to understand and distribute. As softwares and equipment evolve, the visualization of plans has been growing on all sectors of design from structural designing to interior and commercial designing.


A professionally made rendering or animation made from a 3D model illustrates the use of the product to the client and shows what the final product will look like before the physical product has been manufactured.


3D visualization means an accurate image or video that has been formed into a 3D object according to technical drawings or concepts. Typically in visualization, the details of the image are also important, hence the shadows, reflection of light and surface materials are accurately modelled to correlate to the appearance of the final building, interior or product.

The result looks like the product that is being designed, which means that the 3D model can be used for example when marketing a product that has just entered the design phase.


Why use 3D visualization?

  • A realistic image of the product
  • An illustrative way to visualize the product’s functionality and key feature
  • A visualized model of the product that can be placed in the final environment
  • Presenting project plans to the client already in offering phase
  • High-quality and illustrative image material for brochures, home pages or user manuals