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Designing know-how with years of solid experience

We have focused our electrical and automation designing know-how for industry purposes. Our solid experience from electrical designing covers individual devices as well as large-scale production lines. The electrical designing of machines and production lines, programming logics and commissioning tasks form the essential part of our competence.

Our business idea is to offer services that are based on our employees’ long-term experience while always listening to our clients’ needs. We have used AutoCAD, DDS/E3 and ePlan software.

Examples on our designing service:

  • Electrical designing of conveyor devices
  • Platform transfer automation
  • Electrical designing of production lines

Electircal designing

In our design work, we use industry branch dependent standards that are stipulated by our clients. Our service also includes safety device solution designing.

Automation designing

We have experience in several programmable logics and different kinds of bus designs. We deliver user interfaces ranging from individual machines to diverse control room solutions. Our service also includes commissioning of the system and training at the end customer premises.

We have also carried out machine tool projects, where the software we delivered reads machining instructions from CAD files and transfers the information (with optimization) to the programmable logic. These projects have been delivered to Finland, Estonia and Russia. In many cases reporting and production management are a part of delivering large-scale lines.