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Mechanical designing in your terms

Deemec’s designers have many years of experience in designing different kinds of product and operation environments, ranging from small companies to big listed companies. Our tasks range from product development projects lasting several years to aiding in temporary resource shortages lasting a few weeks.


We have many years of experience in designing
different kinds of product and operation environments.


Assignments are carried out at our office in Hyvinkää, Finland or at customer premises, always according to your needs.

We use the following 3D design softwares:

  • SolidWorks
  • Pro/ENGINEER / Creo
  • Vertex G4
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD
1. Project-like designing

Designing is usually carried out at Deemec’s premises

A lead designer and designing resources are chosen according to the scope and schedule of the project

Agreements on utilizing our department in Romania, which shortens the project lead time and reduces costs

Deemec’s designer or lead designer is responsible for quality control

Invoicing as fixed price, budgeting offer or hourly rate

2. Designing resource

Deemec’s designer works as a subordinate to client’s supervisor

Desiging is carried out either at Deemec’s premises or customer premises

Invoicing as hourly rate

3. Modeling of legacy data 2D -> 3D or converting the models to another CAD system

Carried out at Deemec’s department in Romania

Cost-efficient solution when compared to using a Finnish designing resource

Possibility to use Deemec’s lead designer for quality control and work task coordination

4. Configuration of designing automats

We save time in our clients’ project-specific product-tailoring by automating parts of the components and sub-assemblies