Motorbike 360-demo, with various colors/enviroments:

After we receive your 3D-model (.step/.sat/.igs/.stl/.obj), we visualize it. We apply photorealistic materials, apply enviroments,
or we can disassemble it to pieces to show it as an exploded 3D-model. We can show it how you want it, where you want it.
Please click´n´drag the image to SPIN the motorbike! It is easy to change the enviroment, but remember to SPIN the 3D-model!

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Please select the enviroment from the buttons. Double click the motorbike to open this in fullscreen.
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When we have your product visualized, we can make additional renderings of it too:

Contact us for more information:

Sami Rajala 050-5319995
Mikko Niiranen 044-7641941